Overseas & Domestic Travelling / Accessibility

Travel Information

Getting to the Conference in Chiang Mai is very easy as there are many direct flights from many major destinations in East Asia, i.e., Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, and Singapore etc. Information on possible flight connections is available using the link below.

Participants traveling from other regions, with no direct flight available to Chiang Mai, may need to travel via Bangkok by plane, train, or bus, for more information, please see the link below:

Flights to Bangkok

How to Get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (and vice versa)

Getting around Chiang Mai
A selection of transportation is available through metered taxis, ‘Red’ Cars (a communal red taxi with two-row seats in the back), bicycle, car, or motorbike rental. Taxi service using the ‘Grab’ App is also a popular option in Chiang Mai metropolis area.

Current Thailand travel restrictions

Accessibility/Travelling to Conference Center

From Chiang Mai International Airport to Conference Center (The Empress Hotel)

Airport limousine You can use a service of Airport Taxi Limousine when you arrive, please visit the counter of the Airport Taxi. It may be approximately 300 baht.
Grab mobile application It may be approximately 200-300 baht depending on the calculation of the application (e.g., peak hour, late night time).
Tuk-Tuk Price on a bargain basis. It may be approximately 200-300 baht (e.g., peak hour, traffic jam, late night time).
Red car Price on a bargain basis. It may be approximately 250-400 baht (e.g., peak hour, traffic jam, late night time).

Note: For short-distance traveling in the old city zone (brick wall area), the regular price starts from 30 baht per person.
Supporting Organizations
Chiang Mai University
Chiang Mai
Government Office
Chiang Mai Provincial
Public Health Office
Chiang Mai Provincial Office of Tourism and Sports
Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization
The Occupational Therapist Association of Thailand (OTAT)
The Physical Therapy Association of Thailand (PTAT)
Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau